The Behind the Scenes Honors

is an annual ceremony to recognize the outstanding contribution of volunteers working ‘behind the scenes’ at our non-profit cultural institutions. These volunteers are vital to the success of our cultural community. This tradition provides an opportunity for the Arts Council and the Town of Ridgefield to officially recognize their selfless hard work and thank them for the contribution they make.



Our Artists, Our Schools

is an initiative to facilitate partnerships between Ridgefield’s schools and our creative community. Projects have included a logo-design unit with a graphic arts class, school performance from local singer/songwriters enhancing a colonial history unit and a partnership with the Aldrich museum and a kindergarten class. Ongoing seminars include ’Careers in the Arts’ day at Ridgefield High School, where students have the opportunity to hear adults discuss their journey from student to creative professionals and a College Seminar, a collaboration with the Ridgefield Library and other local non-profits, for students who are ready to continue their artistic studies.

The Generator

is a network of creative individuals who live and work near the community of Ridgefield, Connecticut. Each month, artists, writers and performers gather with the goal of learning, sharing, and networking with others to enhance both their creative process and their careers. Meet Ups feature innovative speakers, arts demonstrations and presentations geared toward the creative community.


Executive Director Roundtable

is a quarterly gathering of our community’s arts non-profit organizations to discuss schedules, challenges and opportunities for collaboration. It is through these discussions that we are able to understand the community’s needs, identify new projects for the Arts Council and gather information in order to advocate on behalf of our constituents.