Ridgefield Arts Council Scholarship


The Ridgefield Arts Council Scholarship provides support of $500 to a Ridgefield resident who anticipates pursuing personal advancement in a field of artistic endeavor.  To apply please fill in the form below. Applications and supporting documents must be received by 4/15/18.


  • Resident of Ridgefield, CT

  • Anticipates pursuing higher education and advancement in the arts

  • Demonstrates a passion for the arts

  • Scholarship recipients will be expected to contribute to the benefit of the Ridgefield artistic community in a manner deemed suitable by the Arts Council  


Those interested in donating to the scholarship should visit  OUR DONATION PAGE
Thank you for your support!


Apply HEre:

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(up to 250 words)
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Teacher / Mentor
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A teacher/mentor recommendation is required for consideration for the scholarship
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A sample or representation of your work is required for consideration for the scholarship.
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
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Ridgefield Address
Applicant must be a resident of Ridgefield CT
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Contact Phone Number

*Family members of active RAC members are not eligible
*Additional information may be required