Founded in 1997, the mission of the Ridgefield Arts Council is to inform, entertain, and inspire those who appreciate and create art in all its genres. The RAC generates attention for and collaboration between members of Ridgefield’s vibrant arts community.

THE RAC hostS a variety of exciting programs for the community.

Our charge:

  • Support & Promote Ridgefield Arts Community

  • Collaborate with Arts Professionals, Organizations, Businesses

  • Support events & individual artists via exposure on RAC social media

  • Recognize & acknowledge volunteers of nonprofit arts community

  • Encourage collaboration between arts organizations

  • Provide networking opportunities for arts organizations, businesses, and individual artists

  • Represent Ridgefield within arts alliances of Fairfield County & The State of CT

  • Explore the development & promotion of Ridgefield as an Arts Destination

  • Expand opportunities to make the arts an interactive experience for the community

  • Serve as a resource for Ridgefield arts information

  • Facilitate partnerships between schools and the local creative community to enhance the educational experience

  • Explore funding opportunities to support arts events and initiatives in Ridgefield

  • Report to the BOS annually with an update

  • Abide by Article 6 of the Ridgefield Town Charter Procedures for Elective & Appointive Boards


Mark Meachem, Chair

Hilary Aronow, Secretary

Amy Hall Casey

Vincent Conyers

Jennifer DiLaura

Joshua Fischer

Paul GervaiS


Christopher Sorgie